week 1

what am I doing?

This is new. fun and a bit scary thinking people might actually see this. What makes it scary is I have no idea what I’m going to say except it will be the truth. In part I’m looking forward to re reading in a few months to see if and how I have changed my thinking and my actions.

I’ve decided on accepting this challenge as I need to stop walking in circles. I’ve been really lucky in life. Having a naturally positive outlook mean things always work out ok but I want everything to be so much better than ok.

I had week one and listened to the webinar, did all my getting stuff ready and task one was to write my DMP…easy…..eh if you know what it is. I sat to do it and what came out was the complete opposite of what I thought and its only week 1. what am I in for over the next 26 weeks? there is something about actually sitting and writing what you think your purpose is that makes your mind go a bit further than you normally would. I have a feeling this is going to be different to what I expected and take me to new places in myself.

Its about time I’m sure you are thinking. surely  now in my mid 40s I have all that stuff figured out. NO I don’t but I do know some of what I don’t want. I also know what I’m grateful for and I am learning more all of the time. what I do know is I’m not a sit at the desk in a room person and I love groups and people and my real joy is when I see people come in. shy unsure and a little quiet. Then by the end of the group their confidence has grown, they are chatting and the day they were dreading turned into a day they want to repeat and cant wait to tell their loved ones about what the learned and how great they feel.

I am so grateful for the right people showing up a the right time. the person who showed me the masterkey experience is someone I met through someone neither of us know well so everyone we meet has their purpose and this person is only recently turned into a valuable person I feel I will learn a lot with and enjoy the journey so divine timing has a lot to do with life too.

This week on week one I have learned….open your mind and don’t assume. you will get what you need and be challenged. people are here for a reason and when the time is right they will appear. what’s happening in your outer world is reflecting what’s inside so if you don’t like it then the change starts from within.

I will get my guide assigned and my dmp back and I’m guessing it will be pulled apart and the fab job I think I’ve done will be dissected to show me how to improve my thoughts and ideas.

next post will  let you know how I got on and how I survive week 2. week one was great and I’m getting used to reading my first scroll 3 times a day of the greatest salesman in the world. . at night I have it on audio while I look at the words and read. I don’t know if that’s helping or hindering, I will ask. but for now I will say bye bye and I will be back soon. xx



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