week 2

I had a funny week. I read back the review for my DMP and the feedback was great. it really showed me how  I hadn’t listened to the instructions clearly. I knew the general idea and the bigger picture but not enough detail and it had me writing and rewriting all week.

Is it because I have opened myself up for this that other challenges have surfaced. I am noticing changes in myself. I have noticed my thought process is different and I’m feeling stronger. I am questioning my value on myself and allowing people to treat me in ways that are not good for me.

I started this process to change my life financially and it was about growing my business. today that is further from my thoughts and this is changing into personal growth and changing the way I see some things and growing in a more positive way for me.

I feel this week that I’m thinking a lot about family relationships. damaged ones as to why they are like that. I had a family wedding this week and it was lovely but I noticed myself people watching and I don’t know if my thoughts this week are because of the wedding or the masterkey experience. either way its a good thing.

my next blog I’m sure I will say more about the webcast and my week following the plan.

I’m starting to find a bit more structure to reading and goals and I wrote down and followed with my cards.

chat soon



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