week 4

wow…talk about an amazing piece of information!!!!

The week 4 masterkey has to be the best so far. As someone who has never heard this information before I have to say I was blown away.

Throughout the last few weeks I have done a lot of thinking about why I am the way I am. why I think, act feel like I do. After the wedding episode I wondered why I am detached and stay away from family drama. I realise now I broke the pattern and changed my behaviour enough that this is my new normal. Changing behaviour enough so that its permanent.

I had never heard of frontal lobes or peptides. watching the clip was amazing as it really made me realise the value of the reading and creating new patterns. I missed some reading and some cards but now I realise the importance of the steps I will do better.

My goal is to learn and follow every step. To change my addictive thoughts and behaviours and create a whole new life. I want to be addicted to new good habits and success.

The changes in my life compared to past and family has proven this already but I was not aware that we have so much power in ourselves to create our own reality.

My future is so bright it hurts my eyes. the excitement about the future is really real now and I am looking forward to the experience. We cannot hold two thoughts at a time so if we can only have a positive or a negative then I want to fill mine with positive thoughts.

No more addiction to the outside world. more effort into designing my new life and produce new fruit for my future. here’s to creating and intention and a bright calm happy future filled with more than enough of everything I desire.



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