Week 10

I’m still here soaking up the sun. Time with the family is just fabulous. my teenage daughter although a typical grumpy 15 year old is such a great kid. her kindness and paitence with her 2 year old demanding toddler sister is amazing. she is one in a million always kind and helpful and giving of herself to help her along and hold her little hand making sure to follow her little path picking up whatever she wants along the way. It’s watching this gives  me a real sense of gratitude for my children. my eldest  daughter is home checking on the house working away and I wish she was here as she would love it.

I have been reading this weeks lesson and its my favourite so far. I’ve read the secret and books on the law of attraction and its a real a-ha moment for me. ( guess who can kick herself for being a bit lazy other weeks now) I have been happy that I haven’t quit. happy to be staying with it although struggling to understand the shapes yes yes yes I know you all get it…why dont I? who knows but if I do it by the end it will sink in so for now I’m just going with the instructions.

I am loving this week because I get it. from the failures of trying this in the past I really think I understand it this week.

The last 10 weeks have been great and all the excuses of fadhion shows, organising Top  Model Ireland finals, organising a big show for new year, running a home and children, fibromyalgia and anemia, insomnia and b12 deficiency…blah blah..its all excuses I can use but I’m doing it. so whats important we have time for. we make excuses so its easier to drop off the course or whatever we drop.

I’m ready for my new friend to arrive. my new blueprint is very welcome. my old ways haven’t served me enough even though I’ve made some progress im ready for huge change and progress.

Opportunity is already knocking and I’m ready to let it in and say thank you 🙂

Next week I will be home and it will be days to Top  Model Ireland finals but I won’t let it be an excuse to do nothing. the masterkey is at the top of my to do list and I always keep my promises 😉

Chat again next week xx


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