Week 11

Every week I love this more, Ask pray recieve.

Its it becoming clearer every week why we are doing this the way we are. how can we get what we want if we dont know what that is. so the dmp and changing it again again again until we feel it, until its right gives us the what and then the exercises and the readings and all the other bits….just amazing.

I started with a dmp.completely different to now and its only 11 weeks. nearly half a decade on the planet and in only 11 weeks I’ve figured out what I haven’t in 45 years. absolutely amazing.

Listening to myself is new. ive done loads of things before but I didnt get it. not like I do now. I still need to do better and I will. I’m still allowing excuses I’m calling life work children get in the way and we know really its excuses as we can make the time for the important stuff. im making this much time which is a first and I will continue to do bettet and better each week.

I started this because it was recomended and seemed good. ha ha obviously I had no idea as if I did I would have been way more excited. the time I thought was wrong. working a new business children family hassles of everyday life…and im dropping the excuses slowly. im stepping up and this must be actually working for me as its my priority of the week. its up there with family and everything else is after. im so proud that I took it on holidays and didnt loose the time or give up. this is aover major breakthrough for me.

I regularly chat on the phone with one of the other members and its invaluable as the wifi where im at most of the time is really bad. the joys of country living. you miss cities for good wifi. but im not missing out and the chats about the masterkey are really keeping me excited and fresh. im living for the weekly webinars. every week nearly a dread as I think im nearly on top of it. im doing my best but dont knock me down as I need to survive another week and every week I feel great after and think cool I get it. phew its still ok I can do this week…ha ha week 11 and im still here. ive never been more excited about passing over money. the pif was done and then I got the reminder for the survey so the keep me here quick fill in the pif was immediate. thank you god. right now this is what I needed.

I had started a business the start of the year in an area I just landed in with passion but not a lot of knowledge and the first scroll fixed that for me. and its growing and what I had on my vision board is happening and opportunity is coming and im meeting great people so every week im loving the lessons as its making me get it. I know I didnt say a lot about the webinar but rhe basic message is im believing I am praying, feeling acting and doing and its working. things are happening so im in there and loving this. chat soon guys xxx


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