Week 14 knowledge will not apply itself

What a big moment this week.

Knowledge will not apply itself. Funny how simple and we know it but actually we dont know it.

I have studied coaching, cbt and d nutrition, I’ve been teaching groups and can say you can bring a horse to water but cant make him drink and yet it didnt really clickgood.

I have some knowledge but I wasn’t applying it until this mkmma. The golden nugget, the a ha moments, the wows, the really getting stuff is only hitting me with that line. Im applying the knowledge, all the years of reading, years of failing, years of wondering why I know it but its not working. Subby was not co operating because I didnt know how to comunicate. I was reading and doing the wow..great but not really taking the steps. I was like someone sprinting for a few miles and burning out at the side of the road and then giving up bling myself for having no will power. Do it now, cards, shapes, reading sitting…..all actions all applying the knowledge. Witt whoo this is happening


Happy new year, im listening to webinar so need to concentrate now x


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