week 16 lost

I only noticed I didn’t blog for week 16. I don’t know how I missed it. I’m loving this whole experience but I have noticed since xmas a big change in myself. the virtue building is great, the cards and gratitude is amazing but where I have really noticed where these things are seeping into my life is this…..

for the first time I am genuinely outside looking into a drama I would have been involved in before. my family are involved in some stuff and I noticed this time its like I’m sitting back, I can see where everyone is coming from but instead of seeing details I see the truth behind each person an how they are coming from their place of fear and the place of self defence.  here’s the amazing change….I don’t have a real opinion. I can genuinely say whatever… you will figure it out and I’m not trying to fix it or be involved. I realise we are all on our own journey. this is nothing to do with me and I don’t need the gossip update either. I feel calm. I don’t have the fear knot in my stomach and I feel good. I know I cannot control anyone else but I can control me. I can react? or maybe not. its ok to not react and stay calm. I’m on a different path and its ok to not have permission from anyone as I have given myself permission to fill my mind with information that will do the best for me and the best for the greater good. the dramas make me feel like I want to step outside. hallelujah I’m growing up and it feels great.

chat soon xx


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