So this is where we fill in about me…

how long do we have?  I don’t this anyone reading this knows me and that can be good as it means I get to be really honest, as in really really so I would say proceed with caution.

I am Audrey. I am in my mid 40s and have 3 beautiful children. All girls aged 24,15 and 2. My boyfriend is Mark and I met him nearly 8 years ago. I’m not someone who can stay in things that aren’t working forever and I believe I’ve learned a lot about relationships during my life. My ex husband moved to a house around the corner so we can both raise our 15 year old daughter. we get on fine and my current partner and him seem to have an easy relationship where they can share the lawnmower and talk about kids and our shared dog.

This blog is going to be about my experience through the masterkey experience and more about the changes In me through the 26 weeks and beyond. I’m an easy going honest person so if you read my blog and there is any questions or you are curious about anything I would love you to ask me for more information and also I welcome your feedback so I can get to know about you too.